Green Dream Social works hand-in-hand with celebrities, musicians, artists, clubs, record labels, and others in celebritizing their digital presence through our unique social media agency services.  While the needs of each client are different, our major service offerings can help you in whatever stage you might be at with regards to social media implementation: (click each section for more details about the respective services)

Digital Branding Optimization

Social Media Strategic Management

Social Presence Monetization

Through the above services, Green Dream can help achieve the following results for you and your brand in social:

  • Aligning Your Digital Brand with Technology Trends and Social Media Demographics
  • Optimizing Your Digital and Social Presence for Greater Return on Social Media Investment (ROI)
  • Strategize, Optimize and Tactically Execute on Current and Future Social Initiatives
  • Increase Your Relevant Digital Footprint in both the Web and Social Media

We employ a proprietary 7-step process to ensure that all of our customers can maximize their digital and social presence for whatever business objective they might have. Before you contact us, understanding our methodology will give you a glimpse as to the potential of how much we can achieve for you!

Social Media Services Methodology


Because social media has the potential to permeate everything that consumers and companies do, every client has different objectives for using social media.  Naturally, client strategies also vary from artist to artist.  We want to understand your unique needs for social more because, as you know, there is no cookie-cutter approach to social media.  If we can’t listen to and understand your needs, how we could we represent you amongst your fans?


We then need to perform an audit on your current digital footprint as well as what you have been doing in social, if anything.  This also means looking at your competition and seeing what they are doing.  But, most importantly, we need to observe what your target audience is doing in social media, whether it be your current fans or future evangelists.  After all, without listening, how will we know what opportunities we are missing out on?


We partnered with a thought leader in social strategy because we realized that a uniquely customized and applicable social strategy is required for every single client that we take on. We need to walk before we run, and when there is a strategy tied to a business objective behind everything we implement, it makes our activity – and your Social ROI – accountable.


Building sometimes means creating a brand new website, a blog, a Facebook app, or perhaps a new background for your Twitter presence that is rebranded and aligned with the strategy that we create. We also help artists and our clients build new brands – to help you monetize on all of the dreams you have – and establish new communities for you in social where your target customers live and breathe.


Without engagement, you might as well not even have a social media presence. Your fans are waiting for you, tribes have been searching you, and the opportunity exists to find and engage with your future fans. We believe that social media was made for people, not for businesses, and we thrive at engaging with your fans at a personal and social level. We also engage strategically to help your fans spread the word about you.


If you’re just “doing” social media, how do you know how well you are doing? It is only through our measurement of our activity, as determined by our initial strategy and metrics that we employ to track how well we are doing vis a vis our objectives, that we can see how successful we are – and, more importantly, learn why we are doing well so that we can further leverage that data.


Our agency passionate about exceeding your expectations. The only way to accomplish is through optimization in both our strategy and tactics through a never-ending process of our version of Kaizen: Experimentation and Creativity. Taking the measurement data and metrics, we learn more about what works with your target audience and what doesn’t – and we continually strive for optimization to help maximize your digital ROI.

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